Please note that this 'site has not been changed since early December of 2007 so when I refer to "this year", that is what I mean.

It might be a good time to open your mind just a little bit more than you may be used to.  Even seasoned native activists should be able to learn a thing or two because we have reached a new threshold of universal understanding, recently.

Quite simply, global warming is global.
One of the oldest and most frustrating struggles, that of Black Mesa or Big Mountain Arizona has reached new relevance because of the Black Mesa coal burned at the Four Corners Power Plant. That causes global warming, that caused this year’s drought and that caused the recent California Firestorm. Just one example but if you live in the tinder dry forests of the mountains surrounding Los Angeles, it ought to be enough!
The preceding paragraph was written before we got a much worked for and prayed for break in the weather but spiritual or even divine intervention can only be a temporary solution.
Because of  people accusing us of claiming supernatural powers and such, it is an unspoken rule that we don’t usually say much about our prayers for rain and mostly such ceremonies have been closed to the outside world but this time, the cause of the problem is clear and obvious. The situation was in fact predicted long ago. If we don’t talk about it, not enough will have been done about it. The situation remains and cannot continue if we are going to leave a world to our descendants which is comparable to the one we ourselves inherited to live in.
There are both short and long term solutions.
People can ignore and mostly have ignored what I have to say. Please just remember the root word of ignorance is.., to ignore. The root words of prejudice are to pre-judge.  We are going to do away with that kind of thinking as much as we possibly can  to get in touch with the powers which are known as the music of the spheres. They include gravity, reversed gravity which may have been used to build great megaliths or cause someone to appear to walk on air or water for example, wind, solar, plant, animal human and collective minds, also almost every other form of energy except the dead stuff which comes from decaying matter, mostly.  At some point in the future, this should be treated as a by-product once again.
It has recently come to my attention that “Slow volcano power” is being harnessed very successfully now in the Northern part of California. Also known as geothermal energy, there is enough of this stuff to power our entire grid and run electric cars from there. There is so much of it beneath Yellowstone Park that pessimists are saying the whole place is going to blow and cause a long global winter which would be our equivalent of what happened to the dinosaurs. Well now..... putting the two together I’d say we have a real answer here!
There is also enough wind blowing through the Dakota badlands to power the whole grid. Either way, the only reason to continue destroying our environment as we continue to this day is inertia. Solar power cells are probably the most expensive and least practical of all these solutions but if we took even a fraction of the money spent on the war in Iraq and used it for that, then everyone would have energy independence in their own homes. We would be powering the grid, not the other way around! And we would not be causing people to hate us.
Flowing water is living water. It has much more life than that which has gone stagnant for millions of years and picked up coagulated particles from things which were once breathing and flowering until it has grown black and caked or oozy. We call that stuff  “coal” and “oil”. Burns quickly but with development, the best of both the ancient and modern worlds cleaner fuels such as hydrogen and oxygen can do that for us for much less than it costs to fight over oil. The technology is here already and it has been waiting forever, known about for a long time. It is just that we ignore our greater capabilities along with the wisdom of the ancients out of habit and doing what we are told by those who seem to have mainly their own short term interests at heart. Judging someone before you  even know them allows harm and so prejudgement or prejudice is becoming a very painful luxury or more accurately, shortcut which we can no longer afford. There is nothing more wasteful and polluting than modern warfare. Used to provide advances but no more. Wrong direction, the corner has been turned years ago.
You have to factor in depreciation, especially of the human spirit. It’s impossible to quantize but I will never forget so many examples of its’ effect. Watching people race each other to the stoplight the night before we were scheduled to invade another country as I prepared to leave Burbank. Or seeing my most cherished friends from back home in New Mexico destroy themselves because their opposition to an earlier conflict left them with no healthy outlet for the vital warrior energy of their youth. I was lucky enough to have music to keep me mostly out of trouble but not all of us can find the muse within. Soon I will post a story to help with that. It’s about the American native version of leprechauns, we called ‘em Little People.
Any power can be reversed. When enough people burn enough dead stuff then the power of  smoke and ash starts to have a cumulative effect, this was seen long ago. We can mystify it all we want but it was just common sense. It’s called climate change or global warming today but it has happened many times as the green and fertile lands of North Africa became deserts followed later by West Texas for example where just over one hundred and fifty years ago, the grass grew so high you couldn’t see a man on a horse.  
Dust bowl Oklahoma was something that the natives could see coming and tried to warn people about, too. They thought our farms disorderly but planting the corn, beans and squash together kept the soil from blowing away. When the water table was lowered for us all by massive pumping and irrigation, then the underground aquifers could no longer hold the jet stream in place.  An earlier man made drought.
Over time, I will bring many simple and amazing things to light but first I need to honor the ones who came before me. There’s some pretty inspiring music to hear thanks mostly to them. I’m just the messenger, we can thank them for the message. And when the cycle is completed or even before that........, I just can’t wait to get back to love songs!
In case you are wondering, the above is from the CD panel insert for the album Beyond Time. That’s myself and native flute master Bill Neal who works and plays as Elk Whistle.