Studies with the Wizard
Originally recorded on September 14th of 1991, Studies with the Wizard is spoken word featuring the old master Rolling Thunder, with yours truly. He speaks of climate change as well as unlimited sources of energy, interplanetary travel without the need for UFO’s, the ability to reverse gravity and more. Prayers for rain especially should, according to someone known to bring rain from a cloudless sky be more effective if you listen closely to the old master’s carefully worded stories and advice.
It was originally much longer than it is. I spent a considerable amount of time editing anything about ceremonies and other things which people of native cultures might find offensive or even dangerous out.  I did appreciate his telling the whole story and leaving this to me, it was just a part of our understanding.  One of the meanings of his name is “To speak the truth”; mine “To protect the truth”.
It’s always been less than easy to explain so among the first things to educate people about were my favorite unjustly feared and abused family of animals, our humble serpents. We don’t keep ‘em captive; one time a friend was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, the M.D.’s tried everything and so finally she followed my advice to give that python to someone else as once they have been taken out of their native environment where they belong as a part on the balance of nature, you can’t send them back. They may have picked up a contagion from the pet shop and that would decimate the entire population. A very affectionate person, she had been constantly caressing an animal whose skin, like most reptiles has about the same bacterial count as fertilizer. Don’t send me any snake parts, please. Bury ‘em; they sleep in the ground.
Prayers and offerings in accordance with your Faith are appropriate and if you are a member of an American Indian tribe you should know who your doctors are, so do consult with them. We are only out to educate people with a more all embracing point of view, none can replace what you know and what brings you hope. So many things are matters of interpretation but they still matter, in this case so far as restoring the balance to our troubled climate, especially. You may just need to hear his words and then you might understand.
An interesting article has just appeared in the Rolling Stone’s 40th Anniversary issue by
physicist Lisa Randall. In large print beneath her beautiful picture it says “Gravity may be concentrated in an extra dimension- a parallel universe with completely different chemistry.”  Good interview, too.  This does not explain how Jesus Christ could walk on water or other ancient peoples could build great megaliths with incredible precision without modern cranes or power tools but it ought to lead to the understanding that all of the things Rolling Thunder talks about here are not beyond the laws of physics. Any responsible scientist admits that the laws of energy and matter, time and space are not completely charted. The limits of what we think of as metaphysics are also far beyond our mortal comprehension but like the laws of physics, not entirely beyond our reach.
The disclaimer which follows in a special section of its’ own is the part where I need to make as certain as I possibly can that the information is not abused. I have lived a life that kids these days can and often do only imagine, sort of like a native version of the Harry Potter series. At stake turns out to be the future and quality of human, plant and animal life on this planet. Again I am just a messenger and ultimately it’s up to us all.
Where I grew up, members of the local tribes would not kill an elk when any member of their family is expecting a child. The four legged elk, especially the herd bull or chief protect their women and children and for humans on the spiritual level, the job is to protect the unborn or future generations. This should be an easy way to understand why I do what I do.
FOR NATIVE RADIO STATIONS and others who enjoy spoken word programming,
here are the selection titles and timings. It may have been more concise to have called the release “Working with the Wizard” as most of what I did with Rolling Thunder was singing, driving, being the non-violent bodyguard, taking out the compost and things like that. Wasn’t much book learnin’ but most people, like myself could learn a lot from having lived such times. I would do it again but of course looking back I would have had a lot more fun knowing when to duck!
Title                                                             Timing
Heaven Snakes ............................................24:13                        
Elk Pipe.........................................................18:32
A small correction to the back cover art is needed for the accuracy sake. The Pharoah hat Rolling Thunder is wearing on the front cover came from a woman named Porsche. I do believe she was a friend of the band as they were all an extended family of artists, actors, musicians, and native activists springing out of the folk scene in the San Francisco area as did some of the most influential and lasting music of the times.
Robert Elk Thunder Mathis