Kitten Dreams (Track 3)
Johnny the Magic Cat
You can hear him catch that mouse in “Kitten Dreams”
JOHNNY WAS A GIFT FROM A beautiful  young Italian american WOMAN NAMED CANDY.
 A city girl, she had quite the canditude and abandoned him after he caught his first mouse because there were “mouse guts all over the carpet”. He went from house to house looking for love. Everyone in the neighborhood knew and loved Johnny, same name Rolling Thunder had as a child.
Johnny’s  song/
I was allergic to cats until I got back from my Sacred Mountain and soon I had a loyal companion to get me through the loss. Rolling Thunder could be quite the control freak and so was this little orange cat. He would stand in the doorway until he had everyone’s attention and then stroll majestically through the room, owning the situation. An outside cat already, he had that old daredevil syndrome with cars. We all knew he was a messenger and as such tragically, not long for this world. His purring brought me great comfort so I captured it on digital tape and after his mercifully quick exit, I felt something missing in one of the songs so I put the little fellow’s sonic memory into my sampler and it turned out that he purred in perfect pitch.