Let it also be known that Rolling Thunder’s share of the profits from Studies with The Wizard and everything else we have done together will go to his rightful heirs.
This would of course, be his Cherokee/Shoshone Indian family.
Anything and everything regarding native ceremonies has been deleted. Just before he got run out of L.A. by the Health Department for even worse than that, one of the worst culprits regarding that kind of thing came out with a book in the early nineties claiming Rolling Thunder as his “mentor”. Rolling Thunder told me they never met. In fact, I happen to have been the bodyguard who prevented it. He started to track the guy down to deliver a disclaimer to him before he sent it out elsewhere but then saw the whole thing would blow over without any more bother and let it go. So long as I am making things clear I thought I should mention this but it doesn’t bother me if someone has the oil of aphrodite in one hand and a golden scepter of the dust of the Grand Wazoo on the other, they can still enjoy the music!
So long as you don’t download it for free; then the spirit of every musician who ever died in poverty  will come up from your heater vent in the middle of the night and getcha’! Well, just kidding I think but you know what I mean. CD sales are half what they used to be, if I did not see a real need for what I am doing, I don’t think I would bother.
People have told me that a book is on the market containing some of the stories here, altered slightly from my original tapes all of which were in fact copyrighted in 1991. This would be before the compiler and subject ever met. It is because it was also predicted that our spiritual ways would not only be marketed but put in front of the courts that I chose not to put us all through that unless it became necessary to defend myself, at which point I suppose I would recover some of that which has been taken. There are worse faults than a weakness for women, it’s long forgiven. What he told me about that early on was “You know what the problem is around here, Elk? I don’t have Spotted Fawn to protect me any more.”
It was also predicted that neither the selling of the medicine nor putting our spiritual ways subject to the courts would work.
After the Freedom of Religion Lawsuit to defend sacred lands at Big Mountain was lost in the Summer of 2001, a controversial Sun Dance arbor which was brought in by Lakota activists was thrown into a wood chipper on August 17th of 2001. I happened to be visiting a traditional family outside of Flagstaff at the time and will never forget the looks in their eyes.
Although I find it much less confusing to stay with that passed down to me by my own tribe and family, it was obvious to me that so many prayers, blood, sweat and tears were put into it that something of great horror was bound to happen. What followed was the tragedy of 9-11. Neither event nor those involved were in any way related except of course on the spiritual level where
all things are related.
My friends who are Sun Dancers pray for “A Circle of Protection” around this land.
In this I am one with all Sun Dancers.
We remain united in this prayer.
All things are my relations.
 Awi Equa