Short Term Drought Busting Plan
The only long term solution is of course doing something effective about global warming but as you will hear a good example of in the coming CD honoring the late, beloved Chesley Millikin, Grandfather Rolling Thunder could bring rain out of a clear blue sky. Many a time, no coincidence. You just had to be there!
He was disrespected when I held a Give Away to honor him and give people some vital information at a local club  towards the beginning of this year. I am sure my part of this was holding it where alcohol is served, my wild and woolly old Grandfather would not want me to lead Indians into a bar so it is all my responsibility and everyone concerned but myself will remain nameless.. As well as thinking someone a friend who clearly is not. Just the usual extreme passive aggressive sabotage but I was in mourning for both parents and had contemplated enough psychology for awhile. I was there mainly because I love jazz but the beautiful music and having been in mourning for the people who gave me life seduced me into trying too many things at once, I suppose. My folks also loved jazz music, we had many good times with it together.
Physical desires having been left behind, I am sure the spirit would not be vengeful but what I am getting at is that we need all the help we can get!
So I will include Southern California newspapers and radio stations in the Give Away to release the CD’s which because of time constraints were mainly going to Indian Country. Hopefully they will honor him and his spirit, free of want would be of great assistance. As you can tell by some of the stories here, I don’t think he would be trapped but I do think he comes around every now and then. This ain’t The Ghost Whisperer (J. Love....., you’re alright!) but it would be a well educated guess to say we might be in for some great luck with the weather if the old time tradition is finally honored and thus allowed to continue. We’ll see, never hurts to try so long as it’s done with the respect that someone who gave as much of himself as he did deserves.
When I have time I may tell you more of Rolling Thunder’s last great storm. Never has “the power” been so clear as the time he almost left us towards the end. A sudden storm appeared to rain just on the fire which was threatening the studio I was working in with a world class hair band, then it went on to put out fires in New Mexico and Colorado which he had learned about on the TV news. He almost never watched the tube except in the hospital. He did his ceremony in the dream world while he was out for that last operation,
It’s all in the past but the lessons have been learned and the spirit lives on.
This is going up very quickly so I hope you like this picture of some red grapes which came with the template
Tuesday, November 27, 2007
Honoring a master rain maker.