Once there were four
Way back there in seminal days, there were four great native healer/activists. Helpers, too.
Grandfather David Mongongye of the Hopi gave them inspiration passing on information from Pre-Columbian foresight first presented to the public after WWII. Closely related to the Mayan Calendar it’s known as “The Hopi Prophecies”. This information was mostly passed on  to us orally, much of the time it was just “they say back on the reservations...,” I have seen some of the less inspiring parts of it on websites and heard of it in books and such.  Most people don’t hear the more powerful parts, probably so that the information does not become abused. Common knowledge includes the coming (return) of Europeans, the railroad, telephone, telegraph and internet wires, WWII with the reversal and stiffening of the ancient migration symbol known today as the Swastika and the ninth or last numbered one was according to my interpretation, 9-11. Scientists just found the Blue Star Rising which was a part of it, too.
The sixties began the flowering of the eighth which was the return to the tribes for Indians and the hipster era for others so blessed. It could get comical, too. I liked that mostly, although I think some people still get pretty goofy about it, heh, heh. Especially from the perspective of growing up between two Apache reservations in Southwest New Mexico. Easy to tell the difference.
Always has been; myself and my friends, nearly all of us ‘breeds with nicknames like Stork, Lizard, Tio, Rooster, Dirty Dog Dan and Jiggs all found the cultural confusion a great source of humor but when it comes down to what really counts, the native part of you knows that a tree doesn’t tell you any lies and everyone else you couldn’t be too sure about!
An Oklahoma Cherokee, Grandfather Rolling Thunder was “the spark” thanks mainly to a beautiful Shoshone woman who raised four children with him named Spotted Fawn. Mad Bear Anderson of the great Iroquois Confederacy many times came to his and many others’ rescue in magical ways and the last to bless this world was an honored man of the local tribes from where I live today outside of Idyllwild, California.  His name was Grandfather Semu Huaute.
The prediction most relevant today was without number and is easily explained scientifically.
The lands known as Black Mesa or Big Mountain, Arizona are sacred to the traditional Hopi and others including traditional Dineh (Navajo) who were relocated to areas surrounding and  in mutual use with the Hopi reservation. These lands needed to be kept intact or “a gourd of ashes will drop from the skies and the seas will boil”. Like most activists, I was concerned with the misuse of uranium but this foresight has been realized unfortunately with massive burning of  Black Mesa coal. The uranium still needs to remain intact, there has been too much sickness and tragic loss of life because of it already.
Hopi and other Pueblo tribes burned surface coal a thousand years ago. It would have been easy enough to see what would happen if enough people burned enough coal. Simple. No mirrors, mystics nor statistics necessary. Just common sense.
I realized this seven years, seven months and seven days after Rolling Thunder’s passage when Hurricane Katrina was moving out of New Orleans. The “gourd of ashes” turned out to be debris from the plume of smoke of the Four Corners Power Plant having been the only man made object visible to the naked eye of the Apollo astronauts and the “boiling seas” are the hurricanes and other symptoms of the drought/flood cycle known as Global Warming or Climate Change.
The cycle here should be obvious and this was brought home by the recent tragic losses of life and property known as the California Firestorm, followed shortly by the Malibu fire. The  few remaining traditional peoples are the guardians of the lands known as Big Mountain. When the edict came to relocate the last of them without even any compensation early this year, I could get almost no one to listen. A few people here who should have been among the lucky ones paid to help with their own blessings of extraordinary, gifted talent disrespected Thunder (being in this case, simply truth) instead and thus commenced the driest year in recorded history.
Burning the coal brings global warming, that caused the drought and there have been fourteen lives lost and uncounted property damage from the fires as of this writing so far. Just this episode; there will be others until we reverse the trend.  No time for blame or shame. It is time to stop ignoring the fact that modern science does verify ancient wisdom. They go hand in hand and one is not exclusive to the other.
Doesn’t take a Medicine Man  or a mystic to understand, just an open mind and especially, heart.
I have some beautiful music and words of the great ones for you.