Memorium (track six)
Four Winds/Katrina (track seven) Stone Flute (track eight)
It is an honor and pleasure to remember a great man who in spite of the downward spiral after he lost his great love Spotted Fawn, will be known as a force of healing and enlightenment throughout  all time. There is a picture of him with an eight hundred year old tree in the CD insert (below).
One of his many remarkable powers is that if he did not want a photograph to turn out, it would not.
When I sent this album in to be pressed seven years after completion of what I had thought was the final master, the woman in charge of the project did not hear the audio on the CD. When it came back the sound was in spite of her perception, still there on both gold plated Apogee masters. Perhaps the same power came from Beyond Time to make sure she would not hear it.
Because of the remarkable coincidence of Hurricane Katrina pulling out of New Orleans seven years, seven months and seven days after the great master’s passage and the fact that he and the other great healer/activists of his time had predicted this along with the global warming and climate change which caused it, I knew I should put a coda on the seventh piece in honor of the powers of nature and the victims of a storm, the greatest known natural disaster to strike humanity here on Turtle Island. When you think of New Orleans of course, you think of the birthplace of jazz music.
I love jazz so I fell in with an excellent local jazz group but communication difficulties just put off the production (and I started writing rap music out of frustration, hah, hah) so I went through my archives and found that I had already written and recorded the perfect piece of music for what I need to say, inspired by my own Thunder Vision years earlier. It’s a storm orchestrated for brass followed by a New Orleans style funeral march written while I was in the graduate level film scoring program at UCLA Extension. Because I already had my own studio with a portable Neumann microphone setup, everyone who was lucky enough to work with us got a professional quality recording of their music.  
We went through every major recording medium of our time with this project. I took the original Four Winds and put it into Pro Tools, added the brass orchestration originally on analog tape and of course there had to be Thunder so I wrote letters to our local paper, The Town Crier here in Idyllwild and asked people to pray for rain. My old analog synthesizers people liked to joke about when the digital ones came in provided their unique signature, as well. One might be able to get the same sound with a plug in but probably wouldn’t. I can only compare working with my wild and crazy old transistorized friends to leaning into a smokin’ hot Strat and pulling back  on the whammy bar!        
Nothin’ like it.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
A friend who sang with Duke Ellington for ten years and his wife listened to it over and over after I gave them a rough mix and had nothing but superlatives to say about it so finally, after over ten years the album is outstanding in depth, perspective, clarity and especially relevance to the world. This Memorium is finally complete.
The Stone Flute piece features the hand crafted baritone wind instrument you see Bill holding on the web page whimsically entitled Elk Bog, whose deep rich sound supplies the respectful conclusion. I find it calms and centers you after the startling coda of the previous epic production.
I would like to thank everyone who worked with Rolling Thunder over his eighty and a half years of life and all those who helped me with this production. Even those who seemed to be of no help at all contributed by chance to make this an album which is truly Beyond Time.
Robert Elk Thunder Mathis
  Photo to right is of Rolling Thunder standing in front of an 800 year old
  tree. The photographer had taken over 400 pictures of mostly himself
   with Rolling Thunder and was told they would have to be “spiritually in
   tune” for them to develop. This was the only one which turned out.
                                    From Beyond Time CD insert>