Gona Usdi (track four)   Whistle Train (track five)
John Rolling Thunder Pope worked as a brakeman on the railroad for most of his adult life. The railroad sounds from the tracks just behind his house became so familiar they were a comfort to listen to and you missed them when you went away. So of course some crazy Indian would find a way to make music of them!
The train samples here were taken by Kevin Moran on a visit to Meta Tontay in the early nineties.
Until 1985 when Rolling Thunder lost Spotted Fawn, the great love of his life who would oversee things while he was working on the railroad, Meta Tantay was a place of teaching and healing.
His son, Mala Spotted Eagle Pope and his wife Sky now have their own place in Oregon, Nanish Shontie. Their Vision is similar and their ways gentle, natural and sustainable. It’s a great blessing to work with them towards a future we can all live in.
At present we are all mourning the loss of Corbin Harney, Medicine Chief of the Western Shoshone who died defending the Great Basin from nuclear testing. He will be greatly missed as his own Vision, Shundahai recovers to carry on for us all.