Future Projects
(two nearly complete)
Travels with the Wizard is spoken word with original music as well, featuring the late and beloved Chesley Millikin who worked with The Beatles, Grateful Dead, Rolling Stones, Eagles, Bob Dylan, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Widgeon Holland and more on his travels with the late, great  Rolling Thunder. Chesley speaks of his remarkable abilities in ways that the old master was too humble to talk about. A native of Ireland and someone who fondly remembered when the young felt that our love would bring this world out of its’ perilous state of the times, Chesley’s way with words is especially good for people with European or Euro-American descent. He speaks of the magic of Hopiland as a current, or flow of energy. This is quite true and illustrates why simple geology, history and geography do not entirely explain the vital importance of Big Mountain to the survival of us all.
Big Mountain Blues features Bruce Fowler,
Joe Satriani,
Wray Wolf Anderson, Catlyn Day and many more. Originally conceived as a collective effort, I hope the greater music community understands that Big Mountain is like a tender acupressure point of the Earth by this time,  thus we will need a much larger label to take care of the newer artists to the project and paperwork. This is the culmination of my greatest efforts so far and would have been  first release but it takes previous success so that things which are of this world- saving importance won’t end up stuck on some desk!
Recently started is Big Mountain Air, a relaxing and soothing work
featuring Haizen Paige, Michael Richard and others TBA. This will be music to help people breathe more easily. Maybe after Big Mountain Blues reaches the mass market, people in the little resort town I am living in will finally understand that I do love to play out and look forwards to enjoying their company with more local events.  By keeping my original focus, I am not here to trump anyone or put them down........, just trying to save our homes!
Local artists (and everyone is local to somewhere!) will be welcome  to contribute to the Big Mountain series, Prior experience assures that I won’t be letting these or any of my other efforts become subject to being produced by committee. When that happened to become a small part of what lead to the end of the original Los Angeles Big Mountain Support Group, I knew I needed the help of someone who had much more experience than myself and so I called upon the late, great Rolling Thunder.

Elk Thunder (Ani Tsisqua)
Minimoog Elk
Minimoog Elk-Images
Minimoog Elk-Images
Last time I went to Oklahoma, I was honored by some of the Keetoowah and hope to do a bilingual project with them.
Just to let off steam recently, I put all my wackier tunes together to outline a screen or stage play which is a parody of the demographics which have brought us the present administration.